First, let me apologize for preaching to the choir. Everyone I know on Tumblr has been super cool and one of the reasons I love Tumblr is there is a lot of built-in equity.

Selektor Magazine just posted the first 100 photographers that they have featured. It really bummed me out to see only 8…

This post has gotten deserved attention, and I’m not just saying that because Tammy was gracious enough to include me on her list of female photographers. Let’s face it, lists are nearly always some projection of who’s making them (as Loïc mentioned in his defense.) That said, they’re great tools for sharing (without the intention of creating any kind of hierarchy). I’ve gotten a flood of new followers, and in return discovered a lot of great work from them that I’m excited to follow. Thank you to Tammy for pointing people in the direction of some of the many women who are using this medium. It stirs up a lot of my own feelings on gender perspectives (and intersections), and how photography can be a beautiful tool in this way. It’s certainly been a source of interest in my own work.

marcie hancock